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SkyScan EWS-PRO Lightning Detection & Early Warning System
The EWS-PRO is the only professional grade portable lightning detection and early warning device available today. Only $899.95 each

Actual Size: 9.0"H x 10.0"W x 5"D
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Our Price $899.95

It is a self-contained instrument with the electronic sophistication to detect lightning strikes over 40 miles away, and to accurately track a storm's approach with both its audible horn and its large LED visual alerts. The LED alerts are in four ranges, providing vital information when the storm is moving towards, away or parallel to your position. The audible horn is set by the user to any strike range to make storm tracking easier.

Note: Not only does the EWS-PRO allow for an informed decision on when to evacuate an area, but it also indicates when it's safe to resume outdoor activities.

Model Number: EWSP.


EWS-PRO Features

Accurate digital microprocessor with patented dual antenna receiving system.
Built-in 12 volt rechargeable power source, operating for 7+ days on a single charge.
Loud 95 db alert horn, with adjustable range setting.
Rugged weather-resistant case.
Low battery indicator.
Thunderstorm alert that warns of Severe large storm cell approaching.
False signal filtering feature to warn against any possible location interference.
Accurate identification software that eliminates alerts to harmless cloud-to-cloud lightning activity.

EWS-PRO Applications

Construction sites.
Mining/drilling sites.
Golf courses work crews.
Airport Jet Bridges.
Airport Ground Crews.
Outdoor events, boating, concerts.
Military training sites.
Professional/University/School training facilities.
Water Parks or Beach Activity.
Outdoor Parks & Recreation programs.


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